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Healthy Beverages for the Super Busy

V8 V Fusion Healthy Beverages for the Super Busy

V8's V-Fusion, Peach Mango

Most vegetable and fruit juice blends leave you with a bitter after-taste, but with V8 Fusion Juice, Peach Mango, you'd never know you're getting a serving of vegetables plus a serving of fruit -- and you shouldn't suffer the after-taste, either.

A bottle has 170 calories and 150 percent of your daily vitamin C requirements.

Stoneyfield Farm Light Smoothie, Wild Berry

Stonyfield Farms Wild Berry Smoothie An organic super smoothie!

This smoothie has everything you want without loading up on calories (it contains just 130) -- and they even did it without artificial sweeteners.

Bonus: These also contain added probiotics and hormone-free milk.

From their own words:

"No aspartame or other chemically derived sweeteners here. Just a touch of naturally milled sugar from an organic farm that has attracted more than 180 animal species back to the land. -Gary (Stoneyfield)"

Hint Water, Lime

Lime Hint Water There are a lot of flavored waters on the market, but most contain artificial sweeteners. Hint Premium Essence Water Lime is a zingy, lime-flavored thirst-quencher that is all natural and has no calories. This refreshing beverage tastes best when served ice cold. All Hint Water's are great - check out the Hint Essence Water Variety Pack.

Winner of Best of Food Awards by Health Magazine.

Product features boast:

  • All natural essence water
  • No sweeteners or preservatives
  • Zero calories

Tropicana Pure Premium Essentials, Fiber

Tropicana Pure Premium Essentials with Fiber This is a fiber-fortified orange juice that is as smooth as the original. It packs 3 grams of the good stuff (compared with zero in regular orange juice), due to Fibersol-2, a corn-based fiber.

Tropicana's Pure Premium Essentials with Fiber delivers 3 grams in every 8-oz glass, roughly the amount found in a medium-sized orange. The company says the product helps keep the digestive system healthy and regular.

Naked Juice Gold Machine Superfood Smoothie

Naked Juice Gold This blend of golden fruits makes a mellow and delicious combination. Each 8-ounce serving has 150 calories, no fat, and a whopping 480 milligrams of potassium. This is a perfect beverage for a workout pick-me-up or an early-morning boost.

Naked Juice Gold Machine Superfood Smoothie is a blend of gold kiwi, yellow passion fruit and banana and includes 11 vitamins and minerals including green tea, vitamin E, and grape seed extract. This is the first smoothie known to have gold kiwi as an ingredient. Gold kiwi isn't fuzzy like green kiwi.

Each bottle has 140 calories and provides 100 percent RDA of vitamin A and 25 percent RDA of zinc.

Skinny Cow Ice Cream Cone

Skinny Cow Frozen Ice Cream Cone

Melt your ice cream cravings with one of these chocolate, fudge-swirled ice cream and chocolate-drenched cones. Only 150 calories and 3 grams of fat -- plus a bonus of 3 grams of fiber! We realized it's not literally a beverage but it slides down like one so we just added it in!

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