Chewing Gum for Brain Power


Chewing gum may rev up short and long-term memory by as much as 35 percent, according to new research.

To test the power of gum, 75 British volunteers chewed real gum, pretended to chew, or sat quietly in a room as they were presented a list of words on a computer screen.

Results: Gum chewers remembered the most words immediately after seeing the list and 25 minutes later.

Researchers believe this is the effect of chewing the gum. There are two theories that may explain the cause.

Theory One

  • Chewing GumChewing gum increased volunteers' heart rate by five to six beats per minute, which boosted blood flow to busy brain cells. More blood means more oxygen and blood sugar - fuels for brain power.

Theory Two

  • Chewing may also stimulate insulin production, allowing brain cells to absorb more blood sugar. Insulin receptors are densely packed into the hippocampus area of the brain, which is responsible for memory.

How you can chew for better memory:


  • Pick any gum. The type will not make a difference.
  • Chew while you learn. Study participants who remembered the most chewed before, during and after seeing the words they were later tested on.

Recommended Gum

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