McDonald's Salad Shakers

UPDATE: Apparently McDonald's has discontinued the sale of their Salad Shakers. They went over very well at first, but it appears people lost interest and it was no longer in their best interest to sell them.

McDonald's Salad Shakers

What Were Salad Shakers?

Stuffed lettuce and other salad fixings into a tall cup-shaped plastic container with a clear dome lid. Add the dressing of your choice, shake, and dig in. No muss, no fuss.

Just think of the possibilities: Instead of a large fries, you can get a side Caesar or Garden Salad. Instead of 450 calories and nearly half a day's artery-clogging (saturated or trans) fat, you can get no more than 35 calories and little fat.

But salads aren't just sides. Instead of a Quarter Pounder with Cheese, try a Garden Salad, Chicken Caesar, or Chef Salad. Instead of 530 calories and more than half a day's saturated fat, you get 100 to 150 calories and no more than a fifth of a day's dose. Granted, that doesn't include the dressing. But McD's offers a Fat Free Herb Vinaigrette (just 30 calories) that's surprisingly tasty. Or try the Red French Reduced Calorie dressing (130 calories and hardly any saturated fat).


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