Mrs. Smith's Apple Pie


For apple pie lovers, there's just no denying the goodness of Mrs. Smith's Pies. Mrs. Smith's came number 1 in U.S. frozen pies - they were awarded a blue ribbon for their Dutch Apple pie at the 2007 Great American Pie Championship, during the American Pie Council's (APC) annual festival.


Pie crust is a natural hiding place for trans fat, because it takes a solid fat to make a crust flaky and a few companies still use lard or butter.

But even if you notice there is "partially hydrogenated vegetable shortening" on the label, you are not being told of the trans fat in a slice of Mrs. Smith's Apple Pie.

Along with the 3-1/2 grams of saturated fat listed on the label are four grams of trans fat.

That is 7-1/2 grams of belly-busting sludge -- a third of a day's worth.

Mrs Smiths Apple Pie


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