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How Acai Works

How does Acai help you lose weight?

The acai berry is found primarily in the Brazilian rain forest and has been used by Brazilian natives for centuries because if its legendary healing properties. Recently, Dr. Nicolas Perricone appeared on a popular talk show and discussed the acai berry as a solution for weight loss. The world stood up and took notice and the acai berry became all the buzz.

It has since been featured on ABC and CBS and has been commercialized in many different ways: Juices, purees, freeze dried, supplements... Why, acai berry has literally become the #1 Superfood!

Why This Discovery Took So Long

Acai Berry Fruit

In a word: Cultivation. Within 24 hours of harvesting, acai berries start to lose their potency. This means they begin to lose their high concentration of antioxidants, amino acids, omega fatty acids, fibers and vitamins.

But now, through modern technology and a technique called flash freezing, this nutrient dense fruit is accessible to the rest of the world.

Due to harvesting complications, research into this exotic fruit has been minimal to date. However, studies performed by the University of Florida and Science Daily offer promising results. Through these initial studies, scientists have found that acai berry can have a positive effect on:

  • Cardovascular disease
  • Anti-aging
  • Cancer
  • Immunity
  • Weight loss

Acai berries for your heart and health
Enriched in antioxidants, acai berry contains 10 to 30 times more phytonutrients and anthocyanins than grapes, helping you to improve your heart and your cholesterol levels. Omega 3 and omega 6 are found in abundance in acai berries. These 2 essential fatty acids help lower bad cholesterol levels (LDL) and increase good cholesterol levels.

Acai Berries for Weight Loss
When you combine the above noted nutrients found in acai berries, they help your body process food more efficiently, burn more fat and ensure your metabolism stays at a fixed rate. The natural appetite suppression enables you to reduce meal portions, prevent excess fat from being stored in your body, and experience instant weight loss.

Acai Berry. Proven credentials. No side effects. No health risks.

Acai Cleanse and Detox

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