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Pau d' Arco

Pau d Arco Tree

The Pink Flowered Tree

The Incas (of Peru), over a thousand years ago, discovered a pink-flowered tree. The inner bark of this tree was discovered to be indispensible for treating many conditions.

  • Fever
  • Sore throat
  • Dysentery
  • Snake Bite
  • Bladder and Yeast infections
  • Even cancer

What is this miracle bark?

It's called Pau d'arco (pow-DAR-co). The actual meaning of the word is "bow stick", which refers to various trees of the Tabebuia family that can be found growing in the mountains of Brazil, Argentina, Bolivia, Paraguay and Peru.

More recently, Brazilian researchers studied and did confirm that the ancient Pau d' arco is indeed anti-bacterial naturally. Even more recent studies confirm:

  • In Rio de Janeiro a study was conducted at the University and confirmed that pau d' arco does help treat Staphylococcus aureus infections, even when it resists antibiotics.
  • The Seoul National University conducted a study that suggests pao d' arco is active against human intestinal bacteria that cause food poisening.
  • The National Academy of Sciences confirmed that pau d' arco contains anti-inflammatory properties as well as anti-viral activity, including against herpes I and II.

There are also studies being done to see how pau d' arco can treat leukemia and other cancers, but the National Cancer Institute halted their research so pau d' arco is some time away from being used to treat cancer, but the Incas may have been on the right track.

Pau d'Arco Supplement

Pau D'Arco Inner Bark is carefully tested and produced to certified quality standards. Pau d'Arco is confirmed as being an antiparisitic against certain parasites including: malaria, schistosoma, and trypanosoma. Since it is an expectorant, it is an excellent product to treat colds and smoker's cough. Pau d'Arco is the perfect remedy for the flu season.

Also Available...

Pau D Arco, Cut and Sifted, which is enjoyed in tea you prepare using the cut and sifted plant.

Directions to prepare as a tea: Pour 8 ounces of boiling water over 1 to 2 teaspoons of the herb. Cover and steep for 5 to 10 minutes. Strain and serve immediately.

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