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Boiled Coffee

Boiled Coffee

Commonly speaking, boiled coffee is preferred and is more economical for the consumer. This is a 1918 Fanny Farmer recipe.


1 cup coffee
1 cup cold water
1 egg
6 cups boiling water


Scald granite ware coffee−pot. Wash egg, break, and beat slightly. Dilute with one-half the cold water, add crushed shell, and mix with coffee. Turn into coffee pot, pour on boiling water and stir thoroughly. Place on front of range, and boil three minutes.

If not boiled, coffee is cloudy. If boiled too long, too much tannic acid is developed. The spout of pot should be covered or stuffed with soft paper to prevent escape of fragrant aroma. Stir and pour some in a cup to be sure that spout is free from grounds. Return to coffee pot and repeat. Add remaining cold water, which perfects clearing. Cold water being heavier than hot water sinks to the bottom, carrying grounds with it. Place on back of range for ten minutes, where coffee will not boil.

Serve at once. If any is left over, drain from grounds, and reserve for making of jelly or other dessert.

The Added Egg

Coffee made with an egg has a rich flavor which egg alone can give. Where strict economy is necessary, if great care is taken, the egg may be omitted. Coffee so made should be served from range, as much motion causes it to become roiled.

Using Egg Shells

Egg shells may be saved and used for clearing coffee. Three egg shells are sufficient to effect clearing where one cup of ground coffee is used. The shell performs no office in clearing except for the albumen which clings to it.

Nutrition Information

Recipe makes 1 serving.

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