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Salad Suggestions

  • Put on some protein. is not only an essential nutrient, it helps fill you up and keep hunger at bay for longer. A couple of ounces of sliced grilled meats, chopped hard-boiled egg, beans or drained, water-packed tuna are all great choices.
  • Go Easy on the Dressing. Those flavorful dressings can often shoot the calorie and fat content sky high. In fact, some restaurant dressings can add as much as 300 calories, which is basically like topping your healthy salad with a small order of French fries. Typically vinaigrettes are better choices than calorie-laden creamy dressings. Instead of pouring your dressing over your salad, have it on the side and dip into it - you'll end up eating less.
  • Think outside the bowl. Try some less common salad toppings. A couple of tablespoons of dried fruit, nuts or drained canned fruit can add texture, flavor and nutrition.

Salad Trimming Tip: Ask for oil and vinegar with your salad instead of regular dressing. Be generous with the vinegar and just put on a drizzle of oil.

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