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Cinderella Vegetables

Cinderella Vegetables

The homely appearance of celeriac, rutabaga, parsnips, cauliflower and turnips belies their charm.

In addition to the nutritional benefits, these vegetables - often thought of as cold-weather vegetables - have been reliable staples for centuries in Northern and Eastern European diets. 4

Hardy, abundant and filling, they kept well in cold cellars and could be - and often were - relied upon for nourishment during long winters and economically trying times.

Celeriac Beyond their basic utility, these vegetables possess surprising culinary charm.

Beneath their bold, assertive flavors lies subtle sweetness.

Their dense, firm flesh lends itself to both slow roasting and quick stir-frying.

When you do either (stir fry or roast), as few as three vegetables can create a full flavored dish.

For flavor enhancement, add an assortment of herbs, spices and vinegars.

Time to invite those vegetables to your table!

Slow Roasting Cinderella Vegetables

Creating great roasted vegetables has one essential element: Always use impeccably fresh produce; seasonal produce is usually most flavorful.

  • Slow roasting is usually done in a slow oven, around 325 degrees.
  • Slow roasting works especially well with carrots or other root vegetables.
  • Lower temperatures dehydrate vegetables and sweeten their flavor.

Stir Frying Tips


  • Prepare all your ingredients before heating your wok.
  • Cut ingredients into similar sizes to aid in even cooking. Bite sized pieces are good.
  • If using denser vegetables, such as carrots or broccoli, you need to stir fry a bit longer, so place these vegetables in your wok first.
  • Make sure washed vegetables are dry before you put them in a hot wok. This decreases splatter.
  • Do not crowd your wok. This could lead to a soggy stir fry.
  • Always keep moving the vegetables in your wok.
  • The average cooking time for vegetables in a hot wok is 3 minutes. They should still be fairly crisp but hot.

Try the following recipes and hopefully you will come to appreciate the qualities of these vegetables in short order. You certainly will reap nutritional benefits!

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