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Bake Your Own Crackers

Bake Your Own Crackers

Until amounts of trans fat are clearly listed on packages, the only way to be sure how much and what type of fat is in your diet is to control it yourself. This being the case, why not return to cooking from scratch?

Most food can be more healthful if you make it yourself and that is particularly true of crackers and chips, some of the worst trans fat offenders.

Herbed Crackers

From a reasonable substitute for Wheat Thins to baked tortilla chips, anyone can create snack foods that will placate the munchies without sending cholesterol levels out of control. It is not that hard, and the results are truly satisfying.

About That Trans Fat

Trans fat is the result of a process that converts vegetable oil to a semi-solid state, such as shortening. It also occurs naturally in dairy products and beef, but it is not clear whether it is as dangerous as the manufactured variety.

Any food that has hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated oils listed among its ingredients is bound to contain trans fat. If you make that same item at home with vegetable oil, it would have only trace amounts of trans fat and very little saturated fat.

Ready to bake your own crackers?

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