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7 High-Tech Gadgets for Your Kitchen

Kitchen gadgets

Try these 7 high tech gadgets for the kitchen! Technology has become more and more advanced over the years, taking electronics to a whole new level. This technology isn't just limited to computers and cell phones, though. There are many high-tech appliances and gadgets that are right in the kitchen, making cooking and preparing food and drinks much more fun and easy.

  1. The Nostalgia Electrics Flip-Down Breakfast Toaster is just one of these gadgets. It looks like a toaster. It toasts bread, English muffins and bagels like a toaster. So what makes this device so exciting? On the side of this toaster is a flip down griddle. This is perfect for cooking eggs, pancakes, bacon, sausage or even for making grilled cheese sandwiches. This handy device allows a person to cook their entire breakfast using just one machine.
  2. Another useful and high-tech gadget for the kitchen is the CLEANCut Touchless Paper Towel Dispenser. Many people may have seen similar devices in public restrooms. This gadget brings the technology right into anyone's home. Motion activated sensors dispense the paper towels and even cut them to the desired length. This can help keep a kitchen more sanitary and it's also fun to use!
  3. While the Pizza Boss 3000 doesn't run on electricity and doesn't have all the bells and whistles of other gadgets, it still is a fun and high-tech way to cut pizza. With a different look than a traditional pizza cutter, it looks like a mini circular saw and is constructed of high grade plastic and stainless steel to make it easy to cut right through a pizza.
  4. Coffee Pods One high-tech device is coffee makers that can easily brew a single cup of coffee, tea, cocoa or cider. These brewers use pods or cups that are pre-filled for the perfect cup each time. Keurig Brewing System is a popular brand that many people have in their kitchen.
  5. A device that some people can't live without is the Magic Bullet Blender. This device cuts, chops and blends to perfection in a smaller size. The Magic Bullet Blender does the job of a food processor or regular blender, but is much more compact than other appliances.
  6. One device that does the job of two is the Kenmore Pizza Maker and Microwave Oven. It functions as both a microwave, but also has a slide out pizza oven underneath to cook a pizza to perfection, without having to use a range.
  7. The iTouchless EZ Faucet Pro is an attachment that is compatible with most faucets to turn it on automatically just be sensing motion. Similar to those found in public restrooms, this gadget is not only cool, but helps prevent the spread of germs.

Pizza Chef

Although the kitchen is used for cooking and eating, it can still be made more fun by adding one of these cool high-tech gadgets.

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