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Cereal Quiz Questions

Cereals are quick, nutritious, convenient and wonderfully nutritious. Besides adding life to your years, cereals might also add years to your life. Researchers from the Georgia Centenarian Study discovered that people who reach triple digits, 100, consume breakfast more regularly than people who skip the most important meal of the day. With so many high-quality cereals to choose from, there's simply no reason to settle for second best. So follow the "rule of five". Cereals that have at least five grams of fiber per serving are good choices, so set a 5-gram minimum.

Why should you look for honey, corn syrup and fructose on a box of cereal's ingredient list?

  • A)  They are all forms of sugar
  • B)  They add extra fiber
  • C)  They increase shelf life

Any oat cereal is a whole grain cereal.

  • True
  • False

Cereal According to most nutritionists, what is the minimum amount of fiber you should look for in a cereal?

  • A)  1 gram per serving
  • B)  2 grams per serving
  • C)  3 grams per serving

Cereals that feature granola are always nutritious choices.

  • True
  • False

Eating a high-fiber cereal can do which of the following?

  • A)  Stave off hunger
  • B)  Increase alertness
  • C)  Both of the above

Raisins and other dried fruit increase a cereal's sugar content.

  • True
  • False

Here are the answers!

Healthy Cereal

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