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Cereal Quiz Answers

Checking Cereal Quiz Answers

1.  Answer: A

2.  Answer: False.

  • Always check the ingredient list for "whole oats" or see if the phrase "100 percent whole grains" appears on the box.

3.  Answer: C

  • Cereal In general, a good cereal will offer at least 3 grams of fiber per serving.

4.  Answer: False.

  • Always read the nutrition label because the granola found in cereal can be high in fat and/or sugar.

5.  Answer: C

  • Studies have confirmed that high-fiber cereals not only fill you up but make you feel less tired.

6.  Answer: True.

  • Raisins or dried fruit increase sugar content. Most manufacturers do not distinguish how much of a cereal's sugar content is from the fruit, so it is best to look for low-sugar cereals.

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