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The Health Benefits of Coffee

The Health Benefits of Coffee

Coffee is now becoming known for its health benefits!

Following are several health issues and how coffee can play a beneficial role.

Your Heart

A large Harvard study found no increased heart attacks in long-time coffee drinkers. In addition, coffee may save lives! In addition, coffee can be purchased in organic varieties, such as our favorite, Organo Gold Gourmet Black Coffee - packed with the goodness of the 100 Percent Certified Ganoderma Lucidum Red Mushrooms. It truly is a celebration in a cup for lovers of Gourmet Black Coffee taste.

Coffee drinkers aged 55 to 69 who drank one to three cups of coffee a day were 24 percent less likely to die of heart disease than non-coffee drinkers, says a new analysis from a study of 27,000. The odds of dying from any cause during the study decreased about 15 percent.

Your Liver

The Health Benefits of Coffee Coffee, even in very low quantities, appears to protect your liver. Kaiser Permanente researchers found less cirrhosis in heavy alcohol users who also consumed coffee. Drinking less than a cup a day cut risk of cirrhosis by 30 percent, and four or more cups a day cut risk by a remarkable 80 percent, compared with those who drank no coffee.

A 2013 study that reviewed data from 16 different medical studies found that daily coffee consumption can reduce the risk of the most common form of liver cancer by 40 percent. Moreover, it found that drinking three cups or more per day could cut the risk by more than 50 percent.

Parkinson's Disease

Coffee drinkers are about one-third less likely to develop Parkinson's disease, according to Harvard investigators. Italian research found a steeper drop of 80 percent.

In the Days of Yore:

Some folk practitioners identified the use of coffee (Coffea Arabica, Coffea Robusta, or Coffea Liberica) for hay fever. They smoked the coffee in a pipe.

On the Go? In a Hurry?

You can get some pretty good instant coffee these days. It's come a long way since its beginning days. For example, Mount Hagen Organic Freeze Dried Instant Coffee is made from 100 percent highland Arabica coffee beans, is Organic and Kosher certified, and most important of all, the best tasting instant to be found on the open market. Perfect for quick and easy summer coffee coolers; skip the brewin' and chillin'!


While all this is exciting news for coffee drinkers, researchers do not yet recommend drinking more coffee because it can be harmful to some. There are some down-sides to coffee, especially for those who find they are sensitive to caffeine.

For example(s): Coffee can promote headaches, insomnia, anxiety and even heart attacks in susceptible individuals.

For advice that pertains to your health or any special health conditions you may have, it's a good practice to always consult your physician.

Ultra Rich Buttered Coffee Recipe

This recipe is said to improve your metabolism, help eliminate "brain fog" and sustain you for hours!

The Brew: Blend 1-cup of your favorite hot coffee with 1 tablespoon of unsalted butter and 1-tablespoon coconut oil for 10 seconds.
Suggestion: Drink in place of breakfast.

Mess Sergeant's Java

This is a method of boiling coffee that uses clean crushed egg shells to help settle the grounds. Cowboy coffee is made over a campfire this way, as well.

1 gallon cold water
Shells from 2 fresh eggs
1-1/2 cup ground coffee
1/2 teaspoon salt

Place water, coffee and salt in pot. Bring to boil. Toss in clean egg shells. Lower heat to low boil for ten minutes. Serve.

For next pot, do not dump old grounds and egg shells; just add new ingredients and keep recycling. Makes 12 to 15 servings.

Notes:  Over night, keep used grounds in refrigerator and continue to process the next day. After three or four days restart with fresh ingredients.

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