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Sensible Convenience Store Choices

Slim Fast Ultra Chocolate Sensible Convenience Store Choices

Make It Healthy!

Following are some healthy choices for those times you find yourself at a convenience store, wanting something to nibble on.

Keep in mind, convenience stores can be a great diet hazard and it is all too easy to forget about that "little cookie" you grabbed on the way out.

Or, you may kid yourself that the blueberry muffin was a healthy choice when in fact, those convenience store muffins can contain up to 600 calories and loads of fat.

The following snacks are all found in most convenience stores and provide vitamins, fiber, minerals and satisfaction.

Clif Bar Crunchy Peanut Butter

240 calories
This is candy-bar delicious and has the added bonus of 5g of fiber plus vitamins and minerals.

Ultra Slim-Fast Dark Chocolate Fudge Flavor

11-ounce drink, 220 calories
This tastes like a shake but contains 5g of fiber plus vitamins and minerals.
Visitor comment: "Like eating a chocolate brownie for lunch! Very yummy. I lost 6 lbs in 2 weeks."

Dannon Fruit on the Bottom Strawberry Low-Fat Yogurt

8-ounce cup, 210 calories
Sweet, creamy and cool, this contains 300mg of bone-strengthening calcium.

Mozzarella String Cheese

Kraft Handi Snacks Mozzarella String Cheese

1-ounce, 80 calories
As much calcium as half a glass of milk, this snack is great paired with a V8 (see next item).

Healthy Request V8 100 percent Vegetable Juice

10-ounces, 70 calories
Richly satisfying with a lot of cancer-fighting beta-carotene and lycopene.

Heinz Simple Goodness Peaches

4-ounce jar, 70 calories
This is baby food, yes, but tastes just like a dessert! In addition, it contains as much fiber (2g) as an entire peach!

Werther's Original Hard Candy

One piece, 20 calories There are no vitamins in this snack -- the bonus is it takes about ten minutes to melt in your mouth, hopefully staving off much more harmful munches.

Planters Honey-Roasted Cashews

1.5-ounce bag, 230 calories
Treat your heart to the monounsaturated fat and reap the benefit of a satisfying snack that is more likely to "tide you over" for a long period of time. Peanuts contain unsaturated fat, vitamin E and tocotrieenols (a good thing).

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