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Five Sweet Fixes Under 50 Calories

Five Fizzy Favorites

Consider one of these five scrumptious, sweet snacks all under 50 calories next time your sweet tooth is craving a treat.

Propel Water

Propel Fitness Water Propel Fitness Water (29 Calories) Sipping a 23-ounce bottle of this fruit-flavored water can stave off a candy binge all afternoon, as well as provide much-needed hydration and a splash of B vitamins.

Swiss Miss Fat Free Hot Cocoa

Swiss Miss Fat Free Hot Cocoa with Calcium (50 Calories) The antioxidant activity in cocoa is even higher than in red wine. Plus, one mug provides as much calcium as a glass of milk.

Dove Dark Chocolate Promise

One Dove Dark Chocolate Promise (42 Calories)
This chocolate bar contains zero trans fat, cholesterol and sodium. Sometimes all you need is a chocolate fix (the dark chocolate is choc-full of antioxidants).


Eight Large Strawberries (46 Calories)
Ripe and juicy, eight strawberries provide more than 100 percent of your vitamin C for the day. For an even sweeter treat, have five strawberries powdered with two teaspoons of confectioners' sugar, for only three tiny calories more.

Fresh StrawberryFresh StrawberryFresh StrawberryFresh Strawberry

Fresh StrawberryFresh StrawberryFresh StrawberryFresh Strawberry

Root Beer Float

Root Beer Float (50 Calories) To make these soda-fountain favorite diet-friendly, add a quarter cup of light vanilla ice cream to a glass of diet root beer.

Root Beer Float

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