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Extra Healthy H2O Beverages

Extra Healthy H2O Beverages Odwalla


H2Odwalla is enhanced water made with organic ingredients and sweetened with natural cane juice. It comes in five different "replenishment" varieties, such as Tropical Orange with Calcium (100mg of calcium and magnesium per 8-ounce, 50 calorie serving). Bring it along when walking or biking, or keep it in your treadmill's cup holder. Feel good about taking extra care of your bones!

Each bottle is 20 ounces and can be found at Whole Foods Markets nationwide and select Sunflower Markets.

Odwalla Beverages have many more drinks, including smoothies and juices. For more information, visit Odwalla.com.

Note: We have no affiliation, nor do we make any money off any sales or decisions that may result from your visiting their site.

Bossa Nova

Bossa Nova Acai Juice There's been a lot of buzz about acai juice, which is made from a small rainforest berry. Now there is a juice that actually tastes good and contains this nutritious juice called Bossa Nova.

Packed with more disease-fighting antioxidants than any other fruit on Earth, this beverage is lightly sweetened with agave, to create a delicious juice. What's more, every bottle you buy saves another rainforest tree. You save the tree's life, the tree returns the favor. Nice.

In original and four other flavors, it has about 90 calories per 8 ounces.

Look for it in the refrigerated section of Whole Foods Market, Kroger, Wegman's, and Giant.

O's Hydrate Infused Water

O Water Feeling especially parched? Reach for O's Hydrate Infused Water. It's sweetened with cane sugar, packed with electrolytes (50mg of sodium, 213mg of potassium, and 213mg of magnesium), and has only 25 calories per serving. It is perfect for rehydrating if you had a few too many mojitos the night before.

Each Bottle Contains: Electrolytes plus Calcium (50 mg), Potassium (213 mg), Magnesium (213 mg). Water with a Twist: No artificial sweeteners; No fructose; No artificial flavors; No artificial colors; No contaminants. 25 Calories per serving.

Find it at Safeway and other supermarkets nationwide.

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