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Mega Metabolism

Hoodia cactus plant for Mega Metabolism

FAT FACT: When we are overweight our fat tissue actually begins to produce hormones that promote weight gain while slowing down our metabolism.

A great solution for this dilemma on the market today is Hoodia. Hoodia is a fat burning, metabolism boosting, muscle building hormone enhancing diet supplement, which, when taken with proper diet and clean water consumption, will help you lose weight.

Average weight loss when taken as recommended is between 3 and 5 pounds per week.

Help Hoodia Help You

Drink the correct amount of water.

The best formula is to take your weight divide it in half, then take that amount and convert it to ounces of water. Most people think that's too much water, so let's just say during the day when you are active drink an 8 ounce glass of water every hour. That will allow you to keep your body clean while you burn up toxic fat. Drinking pure water helps your body eliminate toxins. This is the way your body safely removes fat and toxins every time you urinate.

Drinking clean purified water is important for you especially when you are taking diet pills because at this point you are directly attacking stored fat and need to make sure to help your body dispose of it.

Eat six small meals a day.

If you eat the recommended 6 times per day you will see amazing results! You will begin to drop 3 to 5 pounds per week. You eat 6 times throughout the day to keep your metabolism operating at peak performance. In addition, eating 6 times per day prevents you from becoming overly hungry which can lead to a tendency to overeat, snack too much or too often, or even "binge".

Begin today. Right now.

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