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Seven Smart and Sassy Foods

Portobello Mushrooms

Why sassy? Because these are "no-deprivation", or no-guilt foods that make you feel as though you're cheating on your diet! But you won't be cheating!

The Seven Sassy Foods

1.  Portabella Mushrooms
For just 26 calories (per four-ounce mushroom), you can savor one of nature's best burger substitutes - a grilled portabella mushroom. They are fat free and packed with flavor. Brush with balsamic vinegar and a smidge of olive oil before grilling.

Deli Roast Beef one of Seven Smart and Sassy Foods 2.  Deli Roast Beef
Bored with poultry? Switch to roast beef! For paltry 30 extra calories and only three grams of fat (per 3.5-ounce serving) you get more flavor and twice the iron.

3.  Edamame
These little green pods are as addictive as potato chips but much healthier. A 188-calorie half-cup serving provides 17 of the 25 grams of soy protein you need daily to prevent heart disease. In addition, you get respectable amounts of fiber, calcium and folate.

4.  Low-fat Goat Cheese
One ounce of this creamy, tangy cheese has just 45 calories and three grams of fat, but is loaded with taste. Spread it on a bagel or stir into tomato sauce (it blends in just like cream).

Popcorn 5.  Kozy Shack Pudding
This snack is not calorie free - it contains 140 calories and 3.5 grams of fat, but it is still very diet-friendly, as it acts as a stress reliever thanks to the instant serotonin boost it gives.

6.  Licorice
Licorice satisfies your sweet tooth for a mere 100 calories (about one ounce).

7.  Popcorn
It will take about one-half hour to eat a 150-calorie serving of air-popped popcorn (that is five cups). Plus, you get six grams of fiber to help ward off cravings. But remember to pass on that butter - one tablespoon adds 12 grams of fat. Use other seasonings and/or seasoning blends if desired. Enjoy popcorn recipes? Don't forget to check out our many ways to jazz up your popcorn in our Popcorn Recipe Collection!

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