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Learn the Truth about Sugar and Diabetes

Sugar Cubes

Eating that whole pan of brownies did not cause your diabetes. A person with well controlled diabetes can even enjoy an occasional dessert.

Sugar did not cause your diabetes; however, being over weight is one of several diabetes risk factors. Your family history, age and ethnicity are some risk factors that you can't control - but you can learn to control your blood sugar levels by monitoring your diet and exercise levels.

You will probably have an appointment with a dietician so that you can get some instructions on diet and blood sugar levels. You will learn that a healthy diet is a diabetic diet. The changes that you will have to make will not be dramatic or disruptive to your family. You have wanted to eat a more healthy diet for several years so this is a good year to make some changes.

Fruits and Vegetables The dietician will explain that fruits and vegetables are a major part of a healthy diet. You can enjoy the antioxidant properties of the acai berry found in acai berry beverages, for one.

You need to ask your doctor or your dietician if you can continue to enjoy juice with breakfast. Most dieticians agree that a one hundred percent fruit beverage is a very good option for diabetics.

Juice beverage The amount of carbohydrates found in many fruits and juices must be monitored. A typical four to six ounce glass of juice contains fifteen grams of carbohydrates and about fifty calories. You can feel free to enjoy your sugar-free drink, but you must count it as part of your meal plan.

You can incorporate more whole grains into your diet and cooking routine. You can cut back on the red meat and enjoy more seafood. There are several cook books that have been written specifically for diabetics that can be of enormous help.

The bottom line is, anyone can enjoy a long and healthy life when diabetes is kept under control.

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