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Ten Ways to Keep Your Waistline in Check

Waistline in Check

We know ... there are tons of ideas floating about on how to keep your waistline in check. But we still hope you'll check these out for consideration as they truly do work.

Starting the Day Off Right

  • Eat Breakfast Whole-grain slimming cereal with skim milk or a fruit and kefir smoothie will fill you up so you are less likely to eat impulsively later in the day.

Breakfast one of Ten Ways to Keep Your Waistline in Check

  • Beware of hidden calories. Alcohol, soda, candies and cream and sugar in coffee can quickly add up to extra pounds.
  • Drink up. Eight to ten glasses of water each day will make you feel more full, plus help flush waste out of your system.

Glass of water

  • Drive yourself to distraction. Instead of snacking unnecessarily, call a friend, play the piano, or get out of the house.
  • Practice mindful eating. Write down what you eat in a food diary to avoid mindless noshing and to keep track of your total daily intake.
  • Keep temptations at bay. Keep high-calorie snacks out of your house and workplace.
  • Teach yourself to eat less. Serve yourself smaller portions and choose raw fruits and vegetables that take longer to chew (it takes 20 minutes to feel full).
  • Weight scale Weigh yourself regularly. You will be more conscientious about what you eat if you are aware of your weight.
  • Get moving.
    Experts agree that exercise (30 to 60 minutes daily) is essential for weight control.

Eat Fruit!

Fruits are satisfying, packed with all kind of nutrients, contain natural water for hydration and they taste great!

Fruit Shake

Here's a fruit shake that's simple, fast and yummy. Also very filling in the morning.

1 cup orange juice
1 frozen banana
1 cup (approx.) frozen strawberries

Blend all ingredients in the blender. The frozen fruit makes it thick; there is no need for ice. Try experimenting with different juices and fruits.

Fresh Fruit Topping

For a fresh fruit topping with an intriguingly delicious flavor, whip Ricotta cheese with sugar and a hint of vanilla extract. Serve on top of sliced berries, cantaloupe and honeydew melon or your own combination of mixed fruit.

Fruitful Delight

A delicate, very healthful salad type dish where spinach is complemented with strawberries and a raspberry vinaigrette dressing.

Strawberry half

1-1/2 cup baby spinach leaves
1/2 chopped chopped hard-cooked egg
1 ounce chopped slivered almonds
1/2 cup strawberries
1 ounce crumbled feta cheese
2 tablespoons lowfat raspberry vinaigrette dressing

Toss spinach leaves with the hard cooked egg. Add strawberries and slivered almonds. Sprinkle mixture with crumbled feta cheese and vinaigrette dressing. Yields 1 serving at 300 to 400 calories.

Serving suggestion: Serve with a small dinner roll.

Mixed Berry Smoothie

A delicious blend of orange juice, mixed berries and banana make for a smooth and refreshing smoothie.

1-1/4 cup orange juice
1-1/4 cup unsweetened frozen mixed berries
1 sliced banana
1/2 cup low fat firm silken tofu
1-tablespoon sugar

Place all ingredients in blender. Blend until smooth and creamy. Recipe makes about 3 servings, 1-cup each.

Berry Smoothie

Blend on high until smooth: 1 6-ounce container yogurt (any flavor), 1 cup reduced fat or skim milk and 1 cup any type frozen berries. Add a few chunks of banana if desired. Serves one.

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