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Alpine Sugar Free Spiced Cider

Alpine Sugar Free Spiced Cider

To Cider Lovers Everywhere!

If you love hot apple cider, you may want to try Alpine's Sugar Free Spiced Cider. Actually, it's good cold, too! For warming in the microwave, Alpine suggests you heat the water first, then stir the mix into the water.

With just 15 calories per serving, you can drink it all day long, guilt-free. It's as good as (or better than) other hot ciders.

Shelf Life

Because the ingredients are in a powdered form, the cider will keep for a long period of time. For the best flavor, Alpine recommends using it within three years.

The key to a long shelf life is to keep the product cool and dry. Alpine Spiced Cider Mix will become hard and caked if exposed to moisture.

Nutrition Information for One Serving (1 packet)

  • 15 calories
  • 0 grams fat
  • 4 grams carbohydrates
  • 0 grams protein
  • 0 grams sugar
  • 0 grams fiber

Suggested Ways to Use Alpine Cider Mix

  • Caramel Apple Dream: Add a teaspoon of T. Marzetti's Light Caramel Apple Dip to your cup of cider to turn it in to a caramel apple dream.
  • 1 cup of tea: Add contents of one pouch Alpine Original Spiced Cider Mix to one cup of prepared tea. Stir quickly to dissolve.
  • Spiced Orange Breeze: In blender jar, place 1/3 cup ginger ale, one pouch Alpine Original Spiced Cider Mix and 1/2 cup orange sherbet. Blend 8 to 10 seconds. Serve in a chilled glass.

Disclosure: We have no affiliation with this company.

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