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Boca Meatless Nuggets and Tenders

Boca Meatless Nuggets and Tenders

Low in Fat

A serving of four Boca Nuggets (three ounces) has 180 calories and only six grams of fat -- hardly any of it saturated or trans fats.

Less Sodium. More Flavor.

Eat the same number of chicken nuggets from McDonald's and you end up with twice the fat -- an estimated four of those 11 grams saturated or trans fat. Plus, the Boca Nuggets have nine grams of soy protein and four grams of fiber the chicken never owned. Sure, you can find other meatless nuggets in the freezer case. But Bocas have less sodium and more flavor.

As for the Tenders, let them sit in your freezer until an evening when you have no time or inclination to cook. Then toss them on a grill or in a pan or microwave for a couple of minutes before sliding them between the halves of a crusty roll.

Add lettuce, tomato, onion, or other garnish and a salad and you can dig right in, knowing that by bun's end, you will have swallowed three grams of fiber and 12 grams of the best chicken-tasting cholesterol-lowering soy protein you have ever tasted.

Visit the Boca Website:  BocaBurger.com. Boca Burger has apparently been taken over by Kraft. That is where the link took us to (the Kraft web site) when we did our link check.

We're not sure if Boca Meatless Nuggets and Tenders are still available. A Canadian visitor did let us know it is not available in Canada any longer, but we are unable to find out if it is available elsewhere. If you cannot find them, a good alternative would be Morning Star Farms Vegetarian Chicken Nuggets or Veggie Wings.

Disclosure: We have no affiliation with the manufacturer mentioned above.

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