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Cheeseless Bravissimo Pizza

Cheeseless Bravissimo Pizza

The Roasted Vegetable Pizza is topped with onions, red and yellow peppers, eggplant, roasted garlic, and (spicy but not too hot) poblano peppers.

Half a pizza has just 350 calories and four grams of fat, none of it saturated.

Half of a Spicy Thai Vegetable Pizza has a bit more fat. But the carrots, snow peas, peppers, roasted garlic, and onions (over a thick peanutty sauce) are enough to give it about half a day's vitamins A and C. The sodium in either pizza is a half to a third what you would find in most other frozen pizzas.

No Cheese? No Pizza!

If your pizza is not pizza unless it has cheese, try Bravissimo! Reduced Fat Cheese Pizza or Reduced Fat Spinach-Mushroom with Roasted Garlic Pizza.

Half of either will tally up just a quarter of a day's saturated fat.

Thai Pizza Bravissimo Pizza and Pasta is located at 558 Lancaster Avenue in Berwyn, PA.

More Healthier Pizza by Bravissimo

  • Veggie: Topped with mixed vegetables and cheese
  • Chicken Broccoli: Chicken, broccoli, tomatoes and three cheeses
  • Margherita: Fresh mozzarella cheese with tomatoes and fresh basil
  • Bruschetta: Bruschetta, tomatoes and cheese
  • Chicken Fajita: Chicken, peppers, onions and cheese

Bravissimo has an entire line-up of great foods besides pizza.

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