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Fitness Beverages

Acai Beverage

Flavored Fitness Water Brands

Flavored "fitness waters" aren't exactly must-haves, but if the slightly sweet taste of citrus, berries or cherries keeps you sipping when you would otherwise go without, they make a great choice.

With an average of ten calories per eight-ounces and a smattering of vitamins, they're worth their weight in water.

With great tasting fruit flavors and a low caloric count, fitness water is a delicious change from regular sodas or waters. Without sacrificing taste, you can enjoy a healthy beverage and feel good about drinking it.

Naked Acai Machine Juice

This is a refreshing blend of antioxidant-rich acai berries, heart healthy concord grapes, and fiber-rich plums, with a little apple and banana thrown in for texture. It is loaded with healthy vitamins, too; half a bottle (160 calories) supplies 100 percent of your vitamin A and vitamin C needs and 300 percent of your vitamin E needs.

Sparkling Beverage: Ooba Hibiscus

Ooba is an effervescent drink infused with hibiscus extract and sweetened with a touch of cane sugar. Hibiscus was once used for its healing properties, and, according to some research, it reduces high blood pressure and bad cholesterol, and improves cardiovascular health. Studies continue with indications that hibiscus sabdariffa extract may also assist in improvement in overall urinary and cardiovascular health. Read more: Hibiscus Tea.

Ooba Hibiscus is bubbly and has a hint of sweetness. One serving is 90 calories and provides 50 percent of your daily vitamin C needs.

Besides the healthy Hibiscus, Ooba beverages come in flavors of lime, blackberry, orange, kiwi and pineapple.

2014 Update: We're not sure what is happening with Ooba. It was available from Amazon but cannot be found at the time of this post. The website is still up; try OobaBeverage.com.

June, 2015 - We were unable to bring up the Ooba Beverage web site. It appears it is no longer available on Amazon, either. At least not in the U.S.

Fizzy Tea: Revolution 3D Blueberry

With a subtle blueberry and white tea flavor, this fresh, bubbly drink is a new spin on tea - and a great way to cool of on a hot summer's day. Made with real blueberry juice and sweetened with agave syrup and pure cane sugar, it also gives you 100 percent of your vitamin C and 20 percent of your vitamin B daily - all for only 90 calories.

Poetic Tea

"Come oh come ye tea thirsty restless ones, the kettle boils, bubbles and sings, musically." - Rabindranath Tagore, Indian poet and Nobel Prize winner for literature (1861-1941)

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