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Dr. Praeger's Bombay Spinach Pancakes

Green Spinach Pancakes

A Green Pancake

Bombay Spinach Pancakes are green because they have more spinach than potatoes, peas, onions, eggs, oat bran, canola oil, curry, salt, garlic, egg whites, and spices. Turns out that's the entire ingredient list.

Nutrition Information

The numbers are easy on your body: 70 calories and three or four grams of fat (less than one of them saturated) per pancake. Best of all, there is no trans fat, because Dr. Praeger refuses to use heart-damaging hydrogenated oils.

Dr Praegers Spinach Pancakes Each pancake adds nearly a quarter of a day's vitamin A and five percent of a day's vitamin C, calcium, and iron to your diet.

And the cooking instructions are as simple as the ingredients: Just microwave for two minutes or broil for five to eight minutes per side. Dr. Praeger, a cardiac surgeon, also makes delicious nuggets, burgers, and fish sticks. You can probably find him in your local supermarket's freezer case.

The lists for the Dr's three other absolutely scrumptious frozen pancakes -- Broccoli, Potato, and (non-Bombay) Spinach -- are equally simple and nutritious.

In addition to pancakes Dr. Praeger's Sensible Foods include Veggie Burgers, Fish, Chickenless, Pizza Bagels, California Veggie Pockets and Pizza Bagels.

Dr Praegers Kids Foods

Dr. Praeger's also offers a line of gluten free products and vegan products.

And last but certainly not least, Dr. Praeger's has a line of healthy foods make just for kids! There is:

  • Broccoli Littes (Gluten Free)
  • Lightly Breaded Fishies
  • Potato Crusted Fishies
  • Potato Littles
  • Spinach Littles
  • Sweet Potato Littles
  • Veggie Littles

Visit Dr. Praeger's website:  DrPraegers.com

Disclosure: We have no affiliation with the manufacturer mentioned above.

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