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Triscuit's Flavor Sensation

Tricuit Rosemary and Olive Oil

Now Triscuit offers a mouth-watering flavor -- Rosemary and Olive Oil. It's a delicious flavor unique to Triscuit Crackers.

Like the original, this tasty new variety is made with 100 percent whole grain and has 0g trans fat.

What we love the most about Triscuit is that all their crackers are baked with quality ingredients such as soft white winter wheat grown in areas such as the Great Lakes region of North America by farmers who are skilled in harvesting the crop.

So, you can feel good about eating these crackers as a delicious snack any time, either by themselves or with your favorite topping.

Triscuits also come in other healthful options:

  • Baked Whole Grain Wheat Deli-Style Rye
  • Baked Whole Grain Wheat Garden Herb
  • Baked Whole Grain Wheat Reduced Fat
  • Baked Whole Grain Wheat Roasted Garlic
  • Triscuit Cracked Pepper and Olive Oil
  • Baked Whole Grain Wheat Fire Roasted Tomato

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