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Burger King Cini-minis

Burger King Cini-minis

Pillsbury created the new Cini-minis recipe exclusively for Burger King.

The official news release description of Burger King Cini-minis

" Burger King(R) will sweeten America's morning with the launch of its newest permanent breakfast addition, bite-size "Cini-minis" cinnamon rolls, beginning Monday, April 27th. Available at participating Burger King(R) restaurants nationwide, Cini-minis are the heart of the cinnamon roll served hot with icing on the side."

Fat & Sugar A-Plenty

Ciniminis The four tiny cinnamon rolls served warm with "Icing Dip" on the side pack 550 calories, 26 grams of fat, seven grams of saturated fat, and nine teaspoons of sugar. And that doesn't include the damage to your heart from their trans fat.

BK is one of the few fast-food chains where it can be tough to get a healthier breakfast. If you're on the road and need a jump start, head for McDonald's. Some of them serve (whole-grain) Wheaties with 1-percent low-fat milk.

And you can always get a low-fat Apple Bran Muffin or an English muffin or some orange juice and an order of Hotcakes and Syrup.

Suggestion: Better yet, how about taking a bit of time to bake up a batch of healthier muffins, freezing them individually to have your own grab, heat 'n eat breakfast? Check out our Muffin Recipe Collection for wholesome ideas.

Disclosure: We have no affiliation with the manufacturer mentioned above.

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