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Burger King Double Whopper with Cheese

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Chick Food?

The slogan for the Burger King Double Whopper aimed a push geared toward men with an advertising campaign asking men:

"Are you sick of 'chick food'?". With the slogan: "Are you man enough?"

Fat is NOT Where Its At

Well, a young, active, athletic man would most likely enjoy digging into one of these juicy burgers...but men over 40, a bit less active - or those with heart conditions, diabetes or other health concerns - would find this a true belly buster.

Consider that a Quarter Pounder with Cheese, Big Mac, or Big N' Tasty with Cheese racks up up about 12 grams of saturated fat and 500 to 600 calories, give or take.

Burger King Double Whopper with Cheese The Whopper, on the other hand, is a wider burger on a wider bun. It ups the ante to about 700 calories and 15 grams of belly busting fat -- 22 grams if you get it with cheese. If you add French fries and a large cola, the total number of calories goes up to 1500, or nearly two thirds of an adult man's recommended daily intake.

Calorie Catastrophe

In fact, in terms of caloric intake, the BK Double Whopper is equal to 5 chocolate bars, 13 biscuits, or 4-1/2 pints of lager!

A Double Whopper with Cheese is a serious belly buster for weight-watchers with its 1,150 calories and 33 grams of saturated plus trans fat.

Disclosure: We have no affiliation with the manufacturer mentioned above.

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