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Burger King's Hash Browns

Order of Burger King's Hash Browns

From Burger King:

"Grab a side order of hot, golden hash browns. They're the perfect complement to any breakfast. In fact scrap that, they're a breakfast must. You don't even need a plate. You don't even need a fork. Just order and eat."

Hash Browns can make or break your diet for the whole day. Ounce for ounce, Burger King's hash browns are worse than Burger King's French Fries. (Fortunately, the largest order of hash browns weighs less than the largest fries.)

Too Much Trans Fat

Burger King Hash BrownsIt's not the calories (390) or the saturated fat (7 grams) in each large order. It's the 8 grams of trans fat in the partially hydrogenated vegetable shortening that brings the total belly busters in 25 potato disks to 15 grams -- three-quarters of a day's worth in a breakfast side dish.

On a postive note for Burger King, they were the first fast food chain to voluntarily disclose the trans fat in their foods.

Trans Fat

Health experts, the American Heart Association and virtually every health authority wants us to cut down on trans fatty acids. The creation of trans fat occurs when liquid oils solidify by partial hydrogenation, a process that stretches food shelf life and changes "safe" unsaturated fat into dangerous fat.

Disclosure: We have no affiliation with the manufacturer mentioned above.

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