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Burger King Old Fashioned Milkshake

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New Tastes Menu

Burger King's change in their menu was on the heels of a so-called New Tastes Menu offered by McDonald's. The menu's rotational format gives the company's franchisees a variety of menu offerings they use to diversify their staples of burgers and fries.

First out of the gate for Burger King is a new, thicker milkshake that Burger King has dubbed its Old Fashioned Milkshake. Available in chocolate, vanilla and strawberry, the drink is sold in many of the company's more than 8,000 U.S. restaurants.

Too Much Fat, Too Many Calories

Burger King Old Fashioned Milkshake Unfortunately and while the milkshake may have an "old-fashioned" taste, it is a bad one nutritionally.

Containing whole milk and full-fat vanilla, chocolate or strawberry ice cream, these milkshakes render 700 calories and 41 grams of fat -- 26 of them saturated.

Downing one of these is worse for your heart than a Burger King Whopper or a McDonald's Quarter Pounder with Cheese.

Ounce for ounce, the BK Old Fashioned Milkshake has twice the calories and four times the fat of Wendy's Frosties or Mcdonald's Shakes.

Disclosure: We have no affiliation with the manufacturer mentioned above.

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