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Body Smarts Crunch Bars

Body Smarts Crunch Bars

Vitamin Fortified?

A vitamin-fortified, candy-coated granola bar, these individually wrapped Crunch Bars are sold at the check-out counter, which means they are supposed to be "impulse items."

Too Much Saturated Fat

You can choose from the Chocolate Peanut or Yogurt Berry. The "yogurt coating" is mostly sugar and partially hydrogenated palm kernel oil, with some nonfat dry milk and yogurt culture thrown in.

Other than the sugar and oil coating, the bar is mostly crisp (that is, sweetened) rice and even more sugar.

"Sustained Energy," says the label. Yet there's no reason to believe the 200 calories in each bar last any longer than the 200 calories you'd get from any other food. And while the fat content isn't horrible, out of the 5 grams of it, 4 are saturated fat. Sugars come in at 20g, carbohydrates at 33g and protein at 5g.

As for the "Half the Fat of the Average of Leading Candy Bars" claim: It may be true, but you are still talking five grams of saturated fat, which is equal to a quarter of an entire day's worth.


After getting off to a slower-than-expected start, Body Smarts fortified candy bars and fruit chews from the Adams USA division of Pfizer, Inc. will no longer be available in the U.S.. The line will continue to be distributed in Canada where Adams positions it as a nutritional supplement.

Disclosure: We have no affiliation with the manufacturer mentioned above.

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