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Cheesecake Factory Carrot and Chocolate Cakes

Carrot Cake of Carrot and Chocolate Cakes

Cheesecake Factory Carrot Cake

Food for thought: This carrot cake contains 1,560 calories. The average adult needs about 2,000 calories in an entire day.

The Factory's Cake

The Factory's Black Out, Amy's Fudge, and Fabulous Chocolate Mousse cakes are in the same ballpark. A slice of each has approximately 1,400 calories. That makes a slice of the Original Cheesecake, at "only" 710 calories, look like a bargain.

Hip Huggers

It's not just the ingredients that make these cakes hip-huggers. The corn oil, cream cheese, eggs, butter, palm kernel oil, butterfat, and hydrogenated palm oil explain why a slice of the Carrot Cake has 84 grams of fat, 23 of them saturated. (That's more than a day's worth of saturated fat.)

It is also the sheer size of the cakes that makes them stick to your ribs (and thighs, abs, and hips). A slice of each six-inch-high layer cake weighs almost a pound!

Tender and moist, Carrot Cake is a treat that can be made a variety of ways. Since it's a common dessert and well-known to most, we'll share a healthier version with you to celebrate it in a nutritionally sound fashion and a holiday version from our sister site, FitnessandFreebies.com:

Or, how about a liquid version mimicking the taste of carrot cake in a healthy milk beverage with a Carrot Cake Smoothie?

Tasty Tidbit: National Carrot Cake Day is February 3rd.

Chris' Outrageous Chocolate Cake

Layers of moist chocolate cake, chewy brownie, toasted coconut pecan filling and creamy chocolate chip coconut cheesecake...


Each five-inch-high slice weights three-quarters of a pound and contains 1,380 calories and 32 teaspoons of sugar plus 33 grams of saturated fat and 5 grams of trans fat. That's equal to two McDonald's Quarter Pounders plus a large order of fries.

Disclosure: We have no affiliation with the manufacturer mentioned above.

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