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Frito Lays Flat Earth Crisps

Frito Lays Flat Earth Crisps

Real Vegetables?

On the bags of Frito Lay's Flat Earth Crisps it says that the chips:

"...contain 1/2 serving of real vegetables in every ounce".

Not quite.

The crisps are mostly rice flour and potato flakes, which are about as good for you as white rice and mashed potatoes.

Note: Rice flour is the main ingredient in all three Flat Earth Veggie Crisps and all three Flat Earth Fruit Crisps.

The vegetables:

The Garlic & Herb Field Crisps have more corn oil, modified corn starch, and oat flour than pumpkin, more sugar and maltodextrin than dehydrated onion, and more salt than tomato paste. That is why the 24 crisps that supply a full serving size of "vegetables" have 260 calories, far more than a serving of real vegetables (20 to 60 calories).

In addition, one serving of the crisps contain 380mg sodium (real vegetables have virtually no sodium content).

So don't buy the claim, "With a tasty blend of potato, rice and vegetables, these 'Impossibly Good' veggie crisps make it possible to have great taste and nutrition", as their bag says.

Frito Lays Flat Earth Crisps

The Frito Lay Claim

This claim is a bit of a stretch, as well:

"Flat Earth is an innovative snack product that builds on and expands Frito-Lay's health and wellness portfolio. Today's consumer demand for healthier options was our call to action to develop the unique brand of Flat Earth baked snacks." - Joe Ennen, vice president of Innovation, Frito-Lay North America.

Consumers really need to be on the ball these days!

Disclosure: We have no affiliation with the manufacturer mentioned above.

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