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Starbucks Holiday Gingerbread Cake

Starbucks Holiday Gingerbread Cake


"Traditional spice cake made with Buderim Australian ginger (considered among the finest ginger in the world) is topped off with a delectable cream cheese icing and crowned with candied orange peel. Holiday Gingerbread is available by the slice and pairs perfectly with a cup of Starbucks coffee."


  • 480 calories
  • 16 grams fat
  • 81 grams carbs

This run-of-the-mill gingerbread cake is nothing special, but it is especially high in calories and carbohydrates.

This cake is quite possibly the world's most boring way to blow almost 500 calories.

Starbucks recommends pairing it with their 510-calorie, 29-grams-fat, 46-grams-carb grande-size eggnog latte.

B E L L Y   B U S T E R!!!

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