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Gorton's Crunchy Golden Fish Sticks

Golden Fish Sticks

Eat Your Fish

The back of Gorton's Crunchy Golden Fish Sticks box urges you to "eat more fish!"

Technically, this is good, sound advice -- but don't eat their fish.

A Third of a Day's Fat

A six-stick serving has four grams of saturated fat PLUS three grams of hidden trans fat.

That adds up to seven grams -- a third of a day's worth -- for every six-stick serving size of belly busting fat.


On-going research shows us that there has been a bit of change in Gorton's nutritional data. As of 2014, one six-stick serving has 11 grams total fat, 3 of those saturated and zero trans fat. Sodium is reasonable at 310mg per six-sticks.

In addition, they now have 110mg of EPA and DHA Omega-3 fatty acids per serving.

Visit their website: Gortons.com

Disclosure: We have no affiliation with the manufacturer mentioned above.

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