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Keebler Crackers

Keeblers Reduced Fat Crackers Nutrition Data

The Less Fat Claim

It would probably be safe to assume that Keebler would rather you didn't know that their numbers are deceiving.

In very large, stand-out yellow letters, right on the front of the box of Keebler's Reduced Fat Club Crackers, is the proud claim, "33 percent Less Fat Than Original Club Crackers."

The Technicalities

Technically, this is true...but it's also true there's a big "BUT" in the facts when you break this down.

Keebler Crackers

Okay, the original Keebler Club Crackers contain 3 grams of fat per serving (serving size is 4 crackers), while the reduced-fat version has 2 grams of fat (per 5 crackers). Statistically, this is a 33 percent difference.

Here's where that "BUT" comes in...those reduced-fat crackers have 33 percent more carboydrates than the original cracker.

The bottom line?

Yes, Keebler took out 1 gram of fat per serving, but they replaced it with 3 grams of refined flour and sugar.

Keebler Keeper's

If you enjoy the taste of Keebler's Town House Crackers, you'd be better off those instead of the reduced fat crackers.

For example, the Town House Pita Crackers with Sea Salt contain only 70 calories for six crackers, with 2.5 grams of fat - none of which are saturated fat or trans fat

The Townhouse Crackers also have a reduced fat variety. The serving size for them is also six crackers. The fat content is reduced to 1.5 grams of fat, again, none of which is saturated or trans.

Townhouse Crackers come in a nice variety of flavors, including Wheat, Garlic & Herb, Flipsides Cheddar and Pita Meditterranean Herb.

Disclosure: We have no affiliation with the manufacturer mentioned above.

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