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Knorr Sides

Knorr Sides Teriyaki Noodles with Asian Style Vegetables

Not honest, not healthy.

"Two full servings of vegetables", states their claim on the pouch of Knorr Sides Plus Teriyaki Noodles with Asian Style Vegetables.

Dried Vegetable Pellets

But to get that much, you have to eat the entire package, which states it contains two servings of a side dish.

That means 680 calories (mostly from white flour) and 1,400mg of sodium, which is close to an entire day's worth.

The Alfredo Pasta Primavera flavor ends up with half a day's saturated fat (9 grams).

If that isn't all bad enough, the "vegetables" are actually dried vegetable pellets that do not cook up to look or taste like fresh vegetables by any stretch.

Dried vegetable pellets are frequently used in animal foods. Pellets containing dried fruits, nuts or vegetables are nothing but junk food and can cause fatty liver and kidney disease in animals.

Knorr Sides

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