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Nestle's Yogurt Raisinets

Yogurt with fruit

What could be wrong with raisins dipped in a healthy food like yogurt?

Not much...if only that is what these truly were.

Instead of yogurt, its raisins are coated with (among other things) sugar, palm kernel oil, partially hydrogenated coconut oil, and hydrogenated palm oil.

A modest, quarter-cup serving of raisins end up with ten grams of fat (nine of them saturated -- half a day's maximum) in about 30 raisins.

Nestle' Cranberry Raisinets

You can also get Nestle' Cranberry Raisinets, which are dried cranberries covered in Nestle's Milk Chocolate. Nestle's calls them, "better-for-you indulgence rich with natural fruit antioxidants."

While cranberries do have plenty of antioxidants, something happened when Nestle turned the cranberries into Cranberry Raisinets. A glance at the Nutrition Facts panel on a bag of the new candy reveals that per quarter-cup serving, these Raisinets contain 200 calories (70 of them from fat) -- and 0 percent of the DV for Vitamin C. Same thing for the antioxidant Vitamin A. In fact, there's not an antioxidant value in sight on the panel.

If you enjoy the taste of Cranberry Raisinets, enjoy them in moderation, because the chocolate coating adds a lot of fat and calories.

Nestle's Yogurt Raisinets

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