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Pretzel Flipz

Pretzel Flipz

The Humble Pretzel

Pretzels aren't the healthiest snack. Not the worst, by any means; they are low in fat but overall they lean more toward those "empty calories" we read about.

They're no match for fruits and vegetables and they are often loaded with salt. But at least you could always count on them to be low in fat and sugar. Unfortunately, Nestle's Pretzel Flipz doesn't fall into this category.

Pretzel for Pretzel FlipzSingle PretzelSingle Pretzel

The White Fudge or Milk Chocolate Covered Pretzels manage to combine saturated fat and sugar into an innocent-looking snack. Just nine of the tiny White Fudge Flipz supply six grams of fat, five of which is a quarter of your day's saturated fat quota.

The blame goes to the fractionated palm kernel oil and hydrogenated palm oil. That's worse than what you'll find in the Milk Chocolate Flipz, which also have six grams of fat. But they are made with cocoa butter instead of palm oils, which means "only" 3-1/2 grams of saturated fat -- the same as you'd get from a McDonald's Hamburger.

Disclosure: We have no affiliation with the manufacturer mentioned above.

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