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Rip-n-Dip Stuffed Pizza Ring

Rip-n-Dip Stuffed Pizza Ring

From Stefano's:

"The most basic way to explain stuffed pizza is stuffing or filling between two layers of dough, with pizza sauce either to dip or spread across the top. At Stefano's, we have created Rip-n-Dip so you can enjoy a taste of the finest ingredients available. We also include our favorite sauce so you can dip or pour it on top of your stuffed pizza ring."

For those who aren't familiar with the concept, Stefano wraps its pizza dough ring around one of three fatty, salty stuffings:

  1. Three Meat
  2. Four Cheese
  3. Cheese and Pepperoni

You rip off a chunk of the ring and dip it into the handy container of tomato sauce inside the ring.

This 350-calorie snack has roughly a third of a day's saturated fat and sodium...assuming you stop ripping and dipping after only a quarter of the ring.

Like stuffed crust pizzas, this stuffed ring has the dubious distinction of making regular pizza look virtuous. What was wrong with the old-fashioned, crusty, unstuffed pizza crust?

Disclosure: We have no affiliation with the manufacturer mentioned above.

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