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Slim Jim's

Slim Jims

Slim Jim is made by ConAgra, and if there are two things ConAgra has a lot of, it's corn and wheat. But ConAgra says Slim Jim's are all meat.

From Wired.com:

It's real meat, all right. But it ain't Kobe. The US Department of Agriculture categorizes beef into eight grades of quality. The bottom three - utility, cutter, and canner - are typically used in processed foods and come from older steers with partially ossified vertebrae, tougher tissue, and generally less reason to live. ConAgra wasn't exactly forthcoming on what's inside Slim Jim.

ConAgra refers to the Slim Jim as a meat stick. In reality, it has a lot in common with old-fashioned fermented sausages like salami and pepperoni.

Slim Jim's are not slim (for the waistline) by any stretch of the imagination!

Men's Fitness magazine said of them:

"This witches stew of spicy bovine leftovers and mechanically separated chicken..."

Slim Jim's also received the Men's Fitness magazines "Anti Food of the Month" feature.

However, Slim Jim's continue to be popular. People do so enjoy them, and they are tasty!

In 1999 there was almost $35 million in sales of Slim Jim's. And we love successful businesses...but this particular product is probably not loveable for your waistline.

80 percent of Slim Jim's 150 calories comes from fat, half of which is saturated fat (the bad fat). Plus, there is enough sodium in one stick to gag a swine!

If you're a fan of these, think about what they're made of and try to avoid them if you must watch what you eat for health or weight concerns.

Disclosure: We have no affiliation with the manufacturer mentioned above.

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