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Sauce and Gravy Food Facts

Sauce and Gravy Food Facts

Home Made or Gourmet

Spaghetti sauces should be home made or gourmet.

Gravy Food Facts

Store bought sauces are for the most part high in fat and calories. Prego extra chunky with sausage and green pepper is 47-percent fat. Ragu marinara is 40 percent fat. One of the lowest in fat for store-bought is Neumann's Own; the mushroom sauce is 22-percent fat.

  • A good method of removing fat from gravy or stew is to wrap a few ice cubes in a piece of cheesecloth, then pull it back and forth over the surface. The fat will become hard and sa to the cloth when it comes into contact with it.
  • Packaged sauces and gravies are all lower quality convenience items. They contain chemicals for the flavor, coloring, freshness and texture.
  • When country style gravy ends up with lumps, stir and mash them out with a potato masher. This utensil also comes in handy for stirring up the batter for packaged cake mixes.
  • By adding 2 or 3 shots of brandy or 1/3 to 1/2 cup of port wine to plain gravy and bringing it to a quick boil you will add a little extra pizzazz to a roast.
  • Adding thin strips of citrus zest to a sauce or gravy will enhance the flavor. We suggest using lemon or lime as a compliment to grilled meats, chicken, or fish.
  • Instead of water use wine, tea, or beer in stews and sauces. It will help tenderize tough cuts of meat and add a rich flavor to the gravy.
  • Add a teaspoon of peanut butter to cover up the burnt flavor of gravy. This will not alter the taste.
  • When using butter for sauteing, always use unsalted butter since the salt separates from salted butter when heated and may leave a bitter taste.
  • If you add a pinch of salt to flour before mixing it with a liquid, it will help keep the gravy from becoming lumpy.
  • To obtain a richer brown color to your gravy, spread the flour on a cookie sheet and cook over a low heat, stirring occasionally until brown before using the flour or add a small amount of coffee to the gravy. You will not taste the coffee flavor.
  • A high fat gravy will have a better consistency if you add one-quarter teaspoon of baking soda to it.

Sauce Food Facts

  • If you purchase spaghetti sauce, never purchase the ones that already have the meat included. By law they only need to include meat that is 6 percent meat. Best to add the meat at home for a better quality sauce.
  • If you like your spaghetti sauce a little sweeter, try adding 1 tablespoon of grape jam to your favorite sauce recipe.
  • Another trick to turn gravy brown is to add onion skins to the gravy while it is cooking, but only for a few minutes, then discard the skins.
  • When making a white sauce, add a dash of nutmeg for a great taste.
  • If a brown sauce becomes too acidic it can be balanced with a small amount of port or Madeira wine. If the sauce becomes too sweet finish with just a touch of wine vinegar before adding butter or cream.
  • If your Hollandaise sauce has curdled, try beating a tablespoon of cold water into it and it will bring it back to smooth texture.

Troubleshooting Gravy

  1. Gravy is lumpy: With a whisk, beat the gravy until smooth. If this fails, use a food processor, strainer or blender.
  2. Gravy is not thick: Dissolve 1-teaspoon cornstarch (per 1-cup of gravy) with 1-teaspoon cold water or broth. Whisk into gravy and simmer one minute until thickened.

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