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Herbal Bytes

Herbal Bytes

Adding herbs and spices to your food may do more than make a meal tasty - it may help keep you healthy. Potent plant compounds in herbs like cinnamon and rosemary have antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial actions that scientists suggest might help do everything from normalize blood glucose levels and protect the heart to improve mood and boost brain function - even repel cancer cells. Research is preliminary, but showing positive results.

Herbal remedies have been around for centuries. There are 5 basic systems of medicinal herbalism.

  1. 1.  Chinese Ayurvedic (meaning Life and Knowledge)
  2. 2.  Indian
  3. 3.  Egyptian-Greco-Roman (the 1500 BC Egyptian Ebers papyrus is the oldest surviving medical text)
  4. 4.  Arab (first modern pharmacists)
  5. 5.  Native American

You'll see these referred to as you read through the herbal information.

To read more about herbs in general, visit our About Herbs page.

Acacia-Chives Cinnamon-Ivy Jasmine-Raspberry Reishi-Yucca Root
Acacia Cilantro/Coriander Jasmine Reishi
Agrimony Cinnamon Jojoba Rose | Rosemary
Alfalfa Clover, Red Juniper Berries Rue
Allspice Cloves Kava Kava Safflower
Almond Coltsfoot Kelp Saffron
Aloe Vera Comfrey Lady's Mantle Sage
Amaranth Cornflower Lavender St. John's Wort
Angelica Cramp Bark Lemon Balm Sandalwood
Anise Damiana Lemongrass Sarsaparilla
Apple Dandelion Licorice Sassafras
Arbutus Devil's Claw Lobelia Saw Palmetto
Arnica Dill Lovage Senna
Artichoke Dong Quai Mandrake Sheep Sorrel
Astragalus Dragon's Blood Marigold Shepherd's Purse
Barberry Echinacea Marjoram Skullcap
Barley Grass Elecampane Marshmallow Slippery Elm
Basil Elder & Elderberry Meadowsweet Solomon's Seal
Bay Laurel Eluethero Milk Thistle Sorrel
Bayberry Eucalyptus Motherwort Spearmint
Bay Leaf Evening Primrose Mugwort Spikenard
Bearberry Eyebright Mullein Squawvine
Beech False Unicorn Myrrh Stinging Nettle
Bergamot Fennel Myrtle Suma
Bilberry Fenugreek Neem Sweet Woodruff
Bistort Feverfew Nettle Taheebo
Black Cohosh Flax Nutmeg Tansy
Black Haw Fo-ti Oak Tarragon
Blackberry Frankincense Oats Tea Tree
Blessed Thistle Garlic Olive Leaf Thyme
Bloodroot Gentian Onion Turmeric
Blue Cohosh Ginger Orange Uva Ursi
Boneset Ginkgo Oregano Valerian
Borage Ginseng Oregon Grape Root Verbena, Lemon
Broom Goldenrod Orris Vervain
Buchu Goldenseal Papaya Violet
Buckthorn Gotu Kola Parsley Vitex
Burdock Green Tea Passion Flower Wahoo
Calendula Hawthorn Patchouli Walnut
Caraway Hazel Pau d' arco Wild Cherry
Carrot, Wild Heather Flowers Pennyroyal Wild Yam
Cascara Sagrada Henbane Peony White Willow
Catnip Holly Peppermint Witch Hazel
Cat's Claw Hops Periwinkle Wood Betony
Cayenne Horehound Pipsissewa Wormwood
Cedar Horse Chestnut Plantain Yarrow
Celery and Celeriac Horseradish Pleurisy Root Yellow Dock
Chamomile Horsetail Poppyseed Yerba Mate'
Chaparral Hyssop Psyllium Yerba Santa
Chervil Iceland Moss Quassia Ylang Ylang
Chickweed Irish Moss Queen Anne's Lace Yohimbe Bark
Chives Ivy Raspberry Yucca Root
Za'Tar - A member of the oregano family well known in middle eastern cuisine.