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Herbal Mysticism

Henbane for Herbal Mysticism

High Tides

  1. Morning Tides: Represent awakenings, fertility, and life
  2. Day Tides: Bring gentility, growth, and finances
  3. A Tide during Midday: Represents sustenance, willpower, and perseverance
  4. A Tide before Dusk: Offers change, perceptiveness, and parenting
  5. Evening Tide: Represents joy, spirituality, pregnancy, and children
  6. Night Tide: Means creativity, deeper knowledge, and enlightenment
  7. A Tide at Midnight: Means recuperation

Reprinted w/permission: Llewellyn's 1999 Magical Almanac

"Magick" and Mysticism

Fresh herbs

  • Acacia: Attract money, inspire love, ward off evil, and enhance psychic powers. One of the traditional ritual herbs of the Lammas Sabbat.
  • African Violet: Protection herb and promotes spirituality within the home. Burned as incense of the Spring Equinox Sabbat.
  • Angelica: Mystical plant associated with early Nordic Magick. One of the traditional herbs of Beltane Sabbats and Candlemas.
  • Anise: Leaves are used for protection against wicked supernatural entities and the evil eye. Seeds are burned as meditation incense and used in dream pillows to prevent bad dreams.
  • Aster: Used in love enchantments. Sacred to all Pagan gods and goddesses. One of the traditional herbs for the Autumn Equinox Sabbat.
  • Basil: Used since ancient times in exorcism and purification rites. Protects against all forms of evil and attracts good luck and wealth. Potent in all forms of love enchantment and love divination and used in flying potions.
  • Bay: Power to heal, purify, protect, and strengthen and used to facilitate psychic powers and induce prophetic dream visions. Also used to break hexes, remove family curses, exorcise demons and poltergeists, and guard against lightning. Also potent in love Magick and wish Magick.
  • Belladonna: Extremely Poisonous! Used in flying ointments and Magickal poisons. Seldom used in modern witchcraft.
  • Blackberry: Also known as bramble. Powerful herb of protection and used in invocations to the goddess Brigit, who presides over healing, poetry, sacred wells, and smithcraft. Also used in wealth attracting spells.
  • Bleeding Heart: Potent in all forms of love Magick. Used for love divination. Was said this herb is bad luck if grown indoors.
  • Broom: Poisonous plant also known as Besom. Used in love philtres and as an amulet to protect against the dark powers of sorcery. Used for exorcism, clairvoyant abilities, purification, and weatherworks.
  • Catnip Herb: Cat Magick, healing rituals, love sachets, fertility charms, shapeshifting, and spells to ensure happiness in a home.
  • Cinnamon: Healing rituals, aphrodisiacs, and spells to attract money or sexual desire. Stimulates clairvoyant abilities and raises both protective and spiritual vibrations.
  • Cowslip: Also known by the name Fairy cup. Heals sickness, guards houses against unwanted intruders, increase one's physical charm and beauty, and to locate lost objects or buried treasure.
  • Crocus: Vision invoking incense. Attract love and promote peace. Spring Equinox altar decoration.
  • Daisy: Herb of love Magick, love divinations, spells to attract good luck, and return lost loves. Also said to make Faeries materialize.
  • Dandelion: Plant of divination, especially in matters of love. Conjure spirits, facilitate clairvoyant abilities, and make secret wishes come true.
  • Dill: Herb of protection. Herbal amulet to ward off sorcery, break hexes, protect against demons and evil ghosts.
  • Dragon's Blood: Herb of love Magick and protection. Dispels negativity and is good for the exorcism of evil supernatural entities. Said to restore lost manhood to men who suffer from an impaired sex drive. Made into ink for drawing Magick word squares and talismans.
  • Elder: Breaks the power of curses, exorcise evil entities, and protects against negative forces and sorcery. Also used in healing rituals and spells to attract good luck, love, and prosperity. Wood of the elder tree is used to make Magick wands. Berries are said to cure insomnia.
  • Fern: Weather working herb. Burn to bring rain. Also used for attracting good luck, exorcism of demons and evil spirits, and protection. Seeds used in spells to master invisibility.
  • Foxglove: Poisonous herb used for communion with underworld deities and to protect against ghosts, evil forces, and sorcery. Also used in Faery Magick.
  • Frankincense: Dispel negativity, purify Magickal spaces, protect against evil, aid meditation, induce psychic visions, attract good luck, and honor Pagan deities.
  • Ginseng: Love attracting amulet and an aphrodisiac.
  • Goldenrod: Divining rod to locate buried treasures. Also used in love divinations and money spells. Attracts good luck to houses.
  • Hawthorn: Also known as Hagthorn. Tree of protection, Magick, and superstition. Leaves and blossoms are potent in fertility spells, Faery Magick, and protection spells guarding against lightning, evil eye, and malevolent entities.
  • Hazel: Divining rods and wands used for drawing circles. Aid divination, increase fertility, attract good luck, make wishes come true, and protect against fire and all evils.
  • Hemlock: Poisonous plants associated with sorcery and Black Arts. Used in flying ointments and Magickal poisons.
  • Jasmine: Used in love Magick and spells to attract money or induce dreams of a prophetic nature.
  • Juniper: Powerful herb of protection. Guard against accidents, supernatural entities, enemies, disease, and black Magick.
  • Lavender: Used in love Magick. Also used for healing and purification. Enables to see spiritual beings and protects against evil eye.
  • Marigold: Keep evil at bay. Inspire prophetic dreams, strengthen psychic powers, attain success in all legal matters, and improve the vision.
  • Mint: Leaves used for healing, money attracting, increasing sexual desire, exorcising evil entities, and protection spells.
  • European Mistletoe: Great protection herb. Also used in love Magick and invisibility. Said to heal wounds quickly.
  • Mullein: Used to make Magickal love potions. Also used in exorcism.
  • Myrrh: Gum resin. Used for purification, consecration, healing, exorcism, and banishing evil. Also aids in meditations.
  • Oak: Used for healing. Also protects against lightning, bad luck, and evil beings. Was also believed to grant immortality to those who carry an acorn and truly believe in its powers.
  • Orchid: Used in love spells, philtres, and rituals to induce psychic powers. Root also known as satyrion root, and lucky hand. Used to attract good luck and success. Protects against evil.
  • Periwinkle: Cure 'devil-sickness' and demonic possession. Also used in love spells, money spells, philtres, and charms to obtain grace or protect against bad spirits. Used by Necromancers to make spirits materialize in graveyards.
  • Pine: Needles and cones of the pine tree possess strong powers to heal; exorcise evil entities and negative vibrations. Increase female fertility, and protect against all harmful beings. Break hexes by burning the needles.
  • Poppy: Used in spells, potions, and sachets to promote female fertility, attract money, and induce divinatory dreams. Plant of good luck and love enchantments.
  • Rose: Nearly all parts of the rose have been used in love spells, enchantments, and transformations.
  • Rosemary: Herb of protection and exorcism. Also known as Elf leaf. Prevent nightmares, preserve youthfulness, dispel depression, attract Faery folk, and induce sleep. Can be used in love enchantments.
  • Rowan: A tree of power. Most Magickal of all trees. It is also know by the names Witchbane, witchen, and witchwood. Used in almost all forms of Magick.
  • Rue: Potent in all forms of love enchantment and is rubbed on the body, worn or carried to ward off sickness and speed recovery.
  • Sage: Herb of immortality, protection, and wish Magick. Known to promote wisdom.
  • St. John's Wort: Healing herb used to ward off evil, and exorcisms.
  • Sandalwood: Burned to exorcise demons and evil ghosts, conjures beneficial spirits, promotes spiritual awareness, and make wishes come true.
  • Thistle: Used in healing spells, exorcisms, hex breaking, and protection against thieves, evil, lightning, melancholy, and negative energy.
  • Thyme: Used in love spells and divinations. Promote courage, protect against nightmares, and good for purification.
  • Valerian: Used in all forms of love Magick, sleep potions, and purifications.
  • Vanilla: Used in love Magick. Its beans are used as amulets to improve mental powers and its purple flowers are used in aphrodisiacs and passion sachets.
  • Violet: Used in aphrodisiacs, love spells, wish Magick, and healing rituals. Also keep evil spirits at bay, heal wounds, counteract bad luck, and cure insomnia.
  • Willow: Symbolizes death and the Underworld. Used in all forms of love Magick, healing spells, lunar Magick, divinations, and spirit conjuring.
  • Witch Hazel: Used by dowsers as divining rods to locate buried treasure and subterranean water. Also used in spells to heal broken hearts and to guard against all evil influences.
  • Yarrow: Worn as charm against sorcery, demons, negativity, and ghosts. Used in love divinations, I-Ching divinations, and exorcisms. Increase psychic powers.

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