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Romantic Herbs

Lavender one of the romantic herbs

We treasure herbs because of the special meanings they have acquired.

Here are a dozen herbs that brides over the centuries have included in their weddings, with the loving messages they convey.

Single red rose

  • Apple blossom: We choose each other.
  • Borage: We have courage for the road ahead.
  • Clover (four-leaf): Good luck to us!
  • Daisy: We are full of hope.
  • Ivy: We will be faithful, clinging only to each other.
  • Lavender: We are devoted to each other.
  • Mustard seed: We have faith in our future.
  • Red Rose : Our desire is for each other.
  • Rosemary: We will always remember this day.
  • Yarrow: Our love will be everlasting.

Young men and maids do ready stand,
With sweet Rosemary in their hands.
A perfect token of your virgin's life,
To wait upon you they intend
Unto the church to make an end,
And God make thee a joyful wedded wife.

-- Old ballad

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