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Toxic Herbs

Toxic Herbs

Herbs can be a wonderful and natural addition to your medicine chest but its imperative to your safety you know what herbs are toxic.

Herbal remedies, also considered alternative medicine, originate from plants and plant extracts. They are used to heal illnesses and disease and to address psychological concerns.

Learning to make your own soothing oils, infusions, tinctures, and salves from fresh herbs can be both beneficial and helpful - it's also quite fascinating! The herbal information we share can give you more than enough for a start - but do be sure to check warnings and cautions. Some herbs are toxic and must be avoided.

Toxic Herbs List

The amount of poison in a plant tends to vary with location, age of plant, season, weather conditions, etc. In some plants, the toxin is confined only to certain parts. Additionally, plants normally considered non toxic may have been treated with an insecticide, making them toxic. The following plants may cause toxic symptoms when ingested. Included are plants which may cause dermatitis when handled.

Toxic herb

  • Asparagus Fern (asparagus plumosus) (sprengeri)
  • Avocado (persea americana)
  • Blue Gum ( eucalyptus globulus)
  • Buddist Pine ( poddocarpus Macrophyllus)
  • Cacti:
    • Bunny Ears (opuntia microdasy's alkispina)
    • Column (cereus peruvianus)
    • Rats Tail (aporocactus flagelliformis)
    • Sunset (lokwia famatimensis)
  • Caladium (Angel's Wings)
  • Century Plant
  • Crown Of Thorns (euphorbia milii splendens)
  • Cyclamen
  • Dieffenbachia
  • Holly
  • Ivy:
    • Cape ( tenecio macroglossus)
    • English (hedera helix)
    • German (senecio mikanioides)
    • Glacier (hedera helix glacier)
    • Gloire de Marengo ( hedera canariensis)
    • Needlepoint (hedera helix sagittlae folica)
  • Jerusalem Cherry ( solanum pseudocapsicum)
  • Mistletoe (phoradendron) flavescens)
  • Philodendron:
    • Arrowhead ( syngonium podophyllum)
    • Black Gold ( ph. melanochryson)
    • Devil's Ivy (Pothos) ( scindapsus aureus)
  • Elephant's Ear ( philodendron hastatum)
  • Fiddle Leaf ( ph. pandurae forme)
  • Green Gold (syngonium podophyllum)
  • Marble Queen (scindapsus aureus)
  • Ornamental Pepper ( capsicum annuum)
  • Silver Vine ( scindapsus pictus)
  • Split Leaf (monstera colorata)
  • Sweetheart Vine (philodendron scandens)
  • Red ( hemigraphis colorata)
  • Umbrella Plant (cyperus)

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