7 Ways to WOW Your Palate

1.  Keep it Fresh.
You don't have to use fresh; dried can be just as good. But replace what is in your spice cabinet; herbs and spices lose potency after a year or so.

2. Start with Breakfast.
Sprinkle cinnamon or grate fresh ginger into low-fat yogurt, oatmeal or lite cream cheese (for bagel or toast).

3. Vary your Veggies.
Spice up green beans, corn, zucchini and tomatoes with curry powder or parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme.

4. Make a Mean Marinade.
Herbs and spices are particularly well-suited for marinades. Simply combine them with olive oil and garlic.

5. Explore international cuisines.
Let other countries inspire you; explore dishes from India (curry), France (rosemary) and Italy (Oregano, basil).

6. Don't forget Drinks.
Add peppermint leaves, cinnamon sticks, or resemary sprigs to lemonade or iced tea or to coffee or hot chocolate as the weather gets chilly.

7. Create daring Desserts.
Who says desserts can't be spicy? Consider pairing chocolate with cayenne, pears with rosemary and oranges with a basil or oreganos sweet syrup.

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