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Ma's Yummy Yammie Smoothie

Ma's Yummy Yammie Smoothie

Ma's Yummy Yammie Smoothie with canned yams in yam syrup with milk, yogurt, sweetener, orange extract and cinnamon spice.


1/2 cup fat free or lowfat milk
1/4 cup canned yams
1 tablespoon yam syrup
3 tablespoons Splenda
3 tablespoons vanilla yogurt
1/2 teaspoon cinnamon
1/2 teaspoon orange extract


Place all ingredients into blender, blend until smooth. Serve immediately.

Sprinkle lightly with cinnamon if desired.

Note: Nutrition figures based on using fat free milk.

Nutrition Information

Recipe makes 1 serving.
Serving size: 6 ounces
Calories: 140; Total Fat: 0.5g; Cholesterol: 5mg; Carbohydrates: 28g Protein: 6g; Fiber: 2g; Sodium: 100mg

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