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Nutritious Chicken Thighs

Nutritious Chicken Thighs

We are told dark meat contains too much fat but nutritious chicken thighs can be very healthful!

As we are all told, white meat is better for you and dark meat contains too much fat. Consequently, most feel that chicken thighs are too fatty to eat on a regular basis. While it is true that chicken thighs contain twice the amount of fat of boneless, skinless breasts, it is only at a mere 11 grams of fat per 4-ounce serving. That is less than you will find in the same size serving of beef, lamb or pork.

The calories and cholesterol in chicken thighs weigh in at 232 calories and 105 milligrams cholesterol per serving. There is not much difference in the breast meat. It weighs in at 196 calories and 96 milligrams of cholesterol per serving. If you are one who gave up the dark meat of chicken thighs, take heart! You can eat them again - guilt free.

In addition to the nutritional benefits of chicken thighs, they are also more economical. You may purchase them already skinned and boned. This is the best way to buy them and the least expensive way since nearly 25-percent of a whole thigh is bone. If you must buy the whole, skinning and boning them yourself is not difficult. If you do not care for doing that, you can cook them whole and remove the skin before serving.

When you are planning your meal, allow two chicken thighs per person. The average serving-size is four ounces in weight and each chicken thigh averages two ounces. This is after removing the skin and bone. If you do eat them with the skin on, keep in mind you are raising the fat and cholesterol content considerably and removing some of the nutritional benefits.

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